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11.10.03 : : . .
New work for the Kids of Widney High; completed their CD design and a logo for their new Moon Man record label.

09.09.03 : : . .
Launched a site for Browne Basses, a new custom bass shop out of New York.

08.19.03 : : . .
Lots of new work! Added 2 new promotional posters for SonicTrax in print as well as a new logo. Just finished a website for Embla5 as well.

6.26.03 : : . .
Added a t-shirt and website designed to support local music for SonicTrax

06.17.03 : : . .
Completed a new site for A-TEK Consulting; new collateral material in Print

06.13.03 : : . .
New logo for A-TEK Consulting