05.20.03 : : . .
Added three new promotional posters for SonicTrax in Print

04.18.03 : : . .
Designed a logo for the newly formed Glendale Management Association

04.07.03 : : . .
New CD layout design for SonicTrax

04.01.03 : : . .
Launched new site for PR veteran Scott Smith's new PR firm, Communication Works

03.24.03 : : . .
Launched site design for Delphi Display Systems, see it here

03.14.03 : : . .
Added a ton of new work for SonicTrax including promotional posters, brochures and logos in Print and a new site in Web

02.20.03 : : . .
Added a new logo in Print and site in Web for Publisize

02.18.03 : : . .
Added an Apparel section in Print with T-shirts from the Kids of Widney High, Tower-of-Terror.com and One-Armed Monkey.

02.12.03 : : . .
Finished up MadProfessor.net, a site for my friend Mark Frauenfelder's new book. Also added randomness to the image headers, click around the site and enjoy 15 different headers presented at random.

02.11.03 : : . .
Added Blast First, a new game from PowerUp Games, Ltd. to the Web and Print sections.

02.10.03 : : . .
Launched the redesign of Omni-music.com.

02.04.03 : : . .
New in the Web section: redesign of the Kids of Widney High website.

01.29.03 : : . .
New in the Print section: Identity for the Kids of Widney High.

01.08.02 : : . .
Added a Guest Appearances and Orchestration section in Music; 6 new tracks.

01.06.03 : : . .
New year, new design! 02 was a great year and 03 is already shaping up to be even busier. Check out the new additions in the portfolio and enjoy the new layout.

12.26.02 : : . .
Launch of Adventures of Jimmy redesign; added Interactive holiday card for The Second City

11.01.02 : : . .
Soft launch of Molly Harvey's website to promote her new book

10.26.02 : : . .
Launch of OurHaunt.com

06.17.02 : : . .
Added Pioneer Electronics illustrations to print section

06.04.02 : : . .
Carl Thompson T-shirts are now available! Visit ctbasses.com for more information.

05.07.02 : : . .
Official launch of the My Blind Eyes redesign; added Tower-of-Terror.com logo to print section; soft launch BellyBanana.com.

09.14.2001 : : . .
Official launch of LA-based band Hope in Ghosts new home on the web. The design closely follows the CD layout designed a few months ago. .

09.01.2001 : : . .
Launch of ConsultNorthlight.com, home of Northlight Consulting. Northlight specializes in environmental, safety and health related consulting services.

07.25.2001 : : . .
Completed design of LA-based band Hope in Ghosts debut CD e.p. The CD is available through major online retailers such as Amazon.com as well as through the band's soon to be launched site hopeinghosts.com.

06.23.2001 : : . .
Exray launches One-Armed Monkey, home of the Bay area's premiere custom bulletin board developer. One-Armed Monkey has developed bulletin board and mailing systems for bands such as Primus and M.I.R.V. as well as for Exray client Carl Thompson.

06.16.2001 : : . .
Well, after much deliberation and tons of ideas, Exray got a complete overhaul and redesign. If you were familiar with the old site, you'll remember it being somewhat of a pain to find what you were looking for. So, this time around you'll find things simplified and easy to get at. We still do photography, multimedia, 3D and music, just didn't feel the need to put all kinds of crap up. Hope you enjoy the new site.

06.11.2001 : : . .
Exray launches My Blind Eyes, an online art exhibit showcasing the sights, sounds and words behind the creative forces at Exray.

06.01.2001 : : . .
Exray has long worked with Chicago-based photographer Paul Paquet and recently completed a site showcasing his work. The launch coincides with the publication of "Letter to a girl I have not met", a book of poetry illustrated by Paul.

04.05.2001 : : . .
Exray Vision completed an overhaul and redesign of custom bass maker Carl Thompson's official site.

03.01.2001 : : . .
Exray Vision is donating time to co-develop and maintain the Kids of Widney High sites. The Kids of Widney High are a group of students from Widney High School, a special ed. high school in Los Angeles, who write and perform original songs. The group started in 1988 as a song writing class and changes as the students come and go from Widney, the Kids are signed to Mike Patton's Ipecac label.

02.12.2001 : : . .
Exray President Casey Paquet interviews Les Claypool of Primus. The 1 1/2 hour interview is posted on Les Claypool's site and features an in depth look at the bass legend and his various side projects.

02.09.2001 : : . .
Exray is proud to announce the official launch of the Adventures of Jimmy! We could write up some description here, but you really have to see Jimmy to fully appreciate his adventures.

09.15.2001 : : . .
Exray Vision launches UpAgainstAmanda.com at the opening night of the Temecula Valley Film Festival. "Up Against Amanda" is a suspense thriller from writer/director Michael Rissi ("Soultaker"). Starring Justine Priestley ("Melrose Place"), David DeWitt, and Karen Grosso.

08.07.2000 : : . .
The official site of LA-based Hummmr is launched with a kick-off party at the Dragonfly in Hollywood. Check out the site here.

07.20.2000 : : . .
Exray has secured the rights to Web development and Web-based marketing for local L.A. band Hummmr. Hummmr recently played a BMI showcase that was attended by several record label executives and has a second showcase scheduled for early August.

All the major updates since late 2000!